Poster Presentation 14th International Biennial Conference on Metastasis Research 2012

Evaluation of Surgical treatment of metastatic spinal tumors (#75)

Wei Guo 1
  1. Peking University,People' Hospital, Xicheng District, Beiji, China

Objective Evaluation of the indication and results of surgical treatment of metastatic spinal tumors. Method From July 2000 through July 2005, 167 patients (71 women and 96 men) with metastatic spinal tumors had been treated by authors. The thoracic vertebra was involved in 99 of them, lumbar vertebra in 53, cervical region in 15. Among 112 of 167 patients who presented with neurological dysfunction, 28 patients were completely paralyzed and the others were incompletely paralyzed. All patients in this group, were performed surgical treatment by anterior or poterior approach. Result Pain relief was obtained in 155 of 167 patients (92.8%) and neurological improvement was obtained in 67 of the112 patients. The follow-up time ranges from 12 to 60 months. The over all one-year survival rate was 70% (117 cases). Conclusion In order to alleviate paralysis, improve spinal stability and the quality of life, urgent decompression should be performed on the patient with spinal metastasis.