Erik Sahai 14th International Biennial Conference on Metastasis Research 2012

Erik Sahai

Erik Sahai currently runs the Tumour Cell Biology laboratory at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute. His group aims to understand the process of cancer metastasis. In particular, his research focuses on why cancer cells become invasive and the mechanics of how they move around. The tumour environment is highly complex with numerous non-tumour cell types, variable blood flow and a diverse range of extracellular matrix components. To study cell motility in this environment his group performs intravital multi-photon confocal imaging of tumours in anaesthetised mice. To complement intravital imaging, a range of three-dimensional ‘organotypic’ cultures are used. These allow many aspects of the tumour environment to be modelled in vitro. These approaches have led his group to focus on heterogeneity in cell signalling within tumours, the role of stromal fibroblasts, and the mechanism of both single and collective cancer cell motility. Before setting up his group in 2004 he worked with John Condeelis in New York. During this time he learnt how to image cell motility in live animals. This followed on from his post-doctoral work studying cancer cell behaviour in 3D environments with Chris Marshall. His PhD thesis work was completed in the lab of Richard Treisman.

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