Makoto Mark Taketo 14th International Biennial Conference on Metastasis Research 2012

Makoto Mark Taketo

Makoto Mark Taketo was trained in molecular biology of E. coli and obtained his MD, PhD from Kyoto University, Japan. After postdoctoral training in Rockefeller University and Roche Institute of Molecular Biology, he conducted research in mouse genetics as a PI in Jackson Lab., ME, and Duke Univ., NC, USA. He returned to Japan in 1992 and worked for Banyu Tsukuba Res. Inst. (Merck), starting cancer research. He moved as a professor to Univ. of Tokyo and then to Kyoto Univ. where he has been working on mouse models of colon cancer. He and his colleagues first constructed Apc716 knockout mice, a model for human FAP. Using the model, he found the polyp adenoma morphogenetic mechanisms, demonstrated the role of COX-2 in adenoma expansion, and the role of TGF- signaling in colon cancer invasion. More recently, he has focused on the mechanisms of colon cancer metastasis, and found that inhibition of TGF- signaling contributes to metastatic colonization of colon cancer cells in the liver. In addition, he has found a novel metastasis suppressor Aes that has turned out to be an endogenous inhibitor of Notch signaling involved in the intravasation and extravasation of colon cancer cells during metastatic spread.

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