Dihua Yu 14th International Biennial Conference on Metastasis Research 2012

Dihua Yu

Dihua Yu, M.D., Ph.D. is the Hubert L. & Olive Stringer Distinguished Chair in Basic Science, and Professor and Deputy Chair of Department of Molecular and Cellular Oncology in the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC), and Distinguished Teaching Professor of MDACC, in Texas, USA. Dr. Yu is also Co-Director of the Center of Biological Pathways, MDACC, and Co-Director of the Cell Biology & Signal Transduction Program, MDACC. She served as Director of the Cancer Biology Program (2005-2011) of the University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences-Houston (UTHSC-H) and MDACC. Dr. Yu received her M.D. degree from Capital Medical University in China and her Ph.D. degree from UTHSC-H in USA. The salient feature of her research program is that it functions as a bridge linking basic science to understanding clinical problems. Using an integrated biochemical, genetic, and molecular biological approach, her research has brought novel insights on understanding two of the most important and life-threatening problems in cancer: a) cancer metastasis, and b) cancer cell therapeutic resistance. Dr. Yu’s efforts to develop combination therapies to overcome Herceptin resistance from loss of PTEN function (Cancer Cell 2004, cited ~900 times) and strategies for overcoming Herceptin-resistance have led to efficacious Phase I/II clinical trials (J. C. O. 2011) that benefited patients. Her team also identified “key nodes” in the Herceptin resistance network and developed strategies of targeting the “key node” to overcome resistance from multiple resistance mechanisms (Nature Medicine, 2011). The team has found that 14-3-3zeta cooperates with ErbB2 to promote the deadly transition from non-invasive DCIS to invasive breast cancer (Cancer Cell, 2009). Dr. Yu is active in basic and translational research with strong funding support, including serving as a Principal Investigator for a Susan G Komen Promise Grant, a CPRIT grant, an R01 grant, as Project Leader for a P01 grant as well as a Subcontract PI of a DoD Center of Excellence Grant. Dr. Yu has published over 130 peer-reviewed articles in prestigious journals, including Nature Medicine, Cancer Cell, Nature Cell Biology, Molecular Cell, PNAS, JNCI and other journals. Her scholarly research activities have brought high impact, both in basic and translational research and in patient care. In recognition of her research and education achievement, Dr. Yu was endowed in 2009 as the Hubert L. & Olive Stringer Distinguished Chair in Basic Science. It is worth noting that when Dr. Yu was the Director of the Cancer Biology Program of Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences in UTHSC-H, the Cancer Biology Program was ranked 2nd along with Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Stanford (only under MIT) among all the PhD training programs in the category of Cell and Developmental Biology in the USA by the National Research Council in 9/2010. Dr. Yu was inducted into a Member of the University of Texas Academy of Health Science Education in 2010, a Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in December 2011, received Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award from The University of Texas System in July 2012 and the Dallas/Fort Worth Living Legend Faculty Achievement Award in Basic Research from MDACC in July 2012. Over the years, she has served as review panels for many study sections of NIH, DoD, and many other funding agencies. Dr. Yu is an Associate Editor of Cancer Research. She serves as a board member of the Metastasis Research Society. She was elected as 2014-2015 President of Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America (SCBA) with >3000 members of bioscientists worldwide.

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