Phoebe Phillips 14th International Biennial Conference on Metastasis Research 2012

Phoebe Phillips

Dr Phoebe Phillips is an NHMRC CDF fellow and leader of the Pancreatic Cancer Translational Research Group, Lowy Cancer Research Centre, University of NSW (UNSW), Australia (funded by NHMRC, Cancer Institute NSW, Cancer Council, Cure Cancer Australia). Her training into pancreatic diseases began in 1999, with completion of her PhD in 2005 (UNSW). Her PhD significantly contributed to the mechanism of pancreatic injury and fibrogenesis, specifically the role of pancreatic stellate cells (PSCs, key effector cells in pancreatic fibrosis). In 2005, she commenced a fellowship at the University of Massachusetts (USA). She identified an inhibitor for heat shock protein-70 (confers resistance to apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells) called triptolide, currently in a phase-1 clinical trial in pancreatic cancer. In 2007, she returned to Australia and provided evidence that PSCs produce acetylcholine which may play a role in normal physiology and in disease pathogenesis. Her current research program is designed to acquire novel insights into tumour-stromal interactions in pancreatic cancer, with a goal of developing therapeutic strategies to target two major cell types that contribute to chemoresistance in pancreatic cancer i.e. cancer cells and stromal PSCs. Dr Phillips also serves on the Australian Society for Medical Research Board of Directors (President-Elect) and is looking forward to leading the society and representing the medical research community to government and key stakeholders in 2015.

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